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Always Treasure Your Well Being

SWEDISH MASSAGE-Smooth Gliding Strokes warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle "knots" and adhesion's.  Calms the nervous system, improves circulation and promotes a sense of relaxation and well being. $80.00 50 minutes.

DEEP TISSUE-Techniques are used to work deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia.  Releasing chronic muscle tension and knots. $80.00. 50 minutes.

CUPPING- Cups are used to create suction with negative pressure.  This stimulates the skin by increasing circulation while separating fussed tissue layers and draining the lymphatic system.  This deep work loosens adhesions and facilitates muscle mobility.  Cupping pulls stagnant fluids to the surface removing toxins, pathogens and promotes fresh, oxygenated nutrient rich blood and lymph flow.  60 Minute Cupping with Massage $85  30 Minute Targeted Cupping Session $55   90 Minute Cupping Therapy Session $115

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY-A trigger point is a hyper-irritable spot that "Triggers" a painful response.  It can cause "referred pain" in tissues supplied by nerves.  Techniques applied to locate and deactivate the trigger points using finger/ elbow pressure  &/or tools. $80.00. 50 minutes.

SPORTS MASSAGE-This massage is good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.  Concentration is on specific problem areas to aide in alleviating pain and returning the body to health.    $80.00. 50 minutes.

HOT STONE MASSAGE-This treatment uses smooth, polished, heated basalt rocks that are placed on key points along the body.  The therapist uses gliding strokes.  The heat penetrates the muscles to alleviate tension and warm up tight muscles.  This is a truly relaxing experience. $100.00  50 minutes.

MASSAGE WITH BACK CLEANSE AND SCRUB-Truly a luxurious experience.  During this massage the back is cleansed and exfoliated with Dead Sea Salts using heated towels.  Massage techniques are used to bring one into a deep relaxation. $100.00  50 minutes.

REIKI-This Japanese Technique is the exchange of energy to promote a balance in body, mind and spirit.  This light touch or no touch produces a sense of calm, healing, balance and well being.  Increasing a deep relaxation and stress reduction.  $80.00. 50 minutes.

SCALP & FACE MASSAGE-This session could put you to sleep.  Massage the scalp pressing on pressure points and nerve endings.  Then massaging the face to increase circulation and firmness.  Followed by a hydrating face mask to leave your face soft and supple..  $55.00 45 Min.

FOOT MASSAGE-This massage starts with feet wrapped in heated towels to melt away tension and a foot and leg massage using hydrating oil.   Smooth polished heated basalt rocks are used to penetrate the muscles to relax the feet.   Then a Dead Sea Salt scrub follows to slough away dead skin cells showing a smooth surface.  $55.00 45 Min.

HAND & ARM MASSAGE-Hands are wrapped in heated towels to melt away tension followed by a Dead Sea Salt scrub to exfoliate the skin to produce smooth radiant hands.  Ending with a hand and arm massage with hydrating oil.  $40.00 30 Min.

PARAFFIN WAX-Hands and/or feet are cleansed and massaged with lotion and then dipped in warm paraffin wax.  Wrapped in gloves or booties to seal in warmth for 15 minutes.  A perfect ending to the Foot Massage or Hand & Arm Massage. $15.00 for feet or hands.  $25.00 for both

RELAXATION MASSAGE-This massage has everything to relax you and have you feeling like putty.  If you are stressed out and need to relax this massage is for you.  Achieve deep relaxation with soothing and calming Swedish strokes applied to the body, scalp and face.  Follow this with a hot foot compress & scrub  and Reiki energy leaving you relaxed and balanced. You will have 90 minutes of pure bliss.  $120.00

DEAD SEA SALT BODY SCRUB GLOW-Dead Sea Salt is massaged into the skin to make it smooth and ready for a massage with hydrating lotion/oil.  Stimulate and revitalize your body's complexion. Your skin will be smooth and silky.  $100.00  50 minutes.

ENHANCEMENTS‚Äč-Add any of these 15 Minute Enhancements to your service for $15.  Spoil yourself with your next massage.

 Back Cleanse & Salt Scrub                        Hot Stone Massage                   

Cupping-Magnetic Grid on Back                    Scalp & Face Massage with Pumpkin Mask

Foot Massage with Hot Towels & Salt Scrub      Hand & Arm Massage with Salt Scrub



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